The Best Knotweed Removal Service Available

The Best Knotweed Removal Service Available

We specialise in removing Knotweed, we have been serving clients in the –city– area with a professional and flexible team for some time now, we have Property Care Association (PCA) fully trained Technicians within our team with extensive experience in the removal of Knotweed

We continue to lead the development of the removal of Japanese Knotweed in the industry, whilst incorporating the very latest advancements in technology. Our desire is to give our clients a service that will make them feel comfortable and relaxed while we take care of the invasive weeds. Our team of experts use their considerable knowledge in the industry and dedication to provide a superior service at competitive prices in –city– area.

We welcome the opportunity to offer our services with the guarantee of exceeding all of your expectations. We know the importance of keeping our customers happy. Our vision is to use our knowledge and experience to protect you, at prices everyone can afford. You would be breaking the law if you:

● Caused the Japanese knotweed on your property to spread into the wild. This would contravene the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1981 (as amended).

This could include allowing the plant to spread from your property into the neighbouring land by its rhizomes extending underground into the adjacent land. It is accepted that the distance Japanese Knotweed can spread underground is a maximum of 7m.

● Dug up or cut down and then removed the plant from your property. In so doing, the material becomes classed as a waste and would need to be taken to a licensed landfill site with the facilities to deal with it, this can be expensive! If you disposed of it elsewhere.

When growing near to built structures such as walls and buildings, the rhizome can damage structures exploiting cracks and weaknesses as the rhizome system expands. As with other plants, the pressure exerted by the expanding rhizome (or roots) can split structures along weak

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